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been tourists around the world, we can understand your needs and help you feel right at home. We not only understand and

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remember the excitement of a first experience, but we also understand the frustration of falling into the hands of tourist traps.

With more than 10 years of experience in Miami’s entertainment industry, our team is completely familiar with all related aspects of our city’s day and nightlife.

You can trust Miamiup2you

We base our work on ethics, honesty and team work, focusing our hard work on your comfort and wellbeing. The main objective of our company is the satisfaction, needs, and expectations of our clients. We are transparent in

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each and every one of our transactions.

We are a Company of over 10 years of experience in which our best efforts are used to earn our clients’ trust.



Basados en la ética, honestidad y trabajo en equipo focalizamos nuestro esfuerzo en tu tranquilidad y bienestar.

El principal objetivo de nuestra empresa es la satisfacciones de las necesidades y expectativas de nuestros clientes para ellos somos transparentes en cada una de nuestras transacciones.

Somos una empresa con mas de 10 años de trayectoria donde nuestro mayor esfuerzo es lograr la confianza del cliente.




The best way to get to know the real Miami is from the water.
MiamiUP2You offers an unforgettable adventure where the only limit is you imagination.
Historical sites such as the Port of Miami, the Biscayan Bay and its three most famous islands: Star Island, Palm Island, Hibiscus Island Famous sites used in the

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filming of popular movies such as The Adams Family and Scarface, celebrity homes like those of Julio Iglesias, Gloria Stefan, and Shaquille O’Neil and others are a part of our unbelievable and exotic tour.

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trained team of professionals offers you a unique service and safety where our goal is your peace, comfort and great memories.


Florida’s Everglades are home to the most exotic and impressive natural spectacles in the US. Due to its subtropical climate, the Everglades have been declared Heritage of Humanity, Biosphere Reserve and Wetland of International Interest.
Due to the shallow water, small boats with large fans are used to navigate the waters at full speed in search of

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current time on the webpage.

crocodiles and alligators. Food native to the area can be found at local farms.
The Everglades provides a unique experience you can’t miss.

The weather is much cooler in Orlando than in Miami and is the most visited city in the United States with more than 50 million visitors from all over the country every year.
Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, and Sea World Orlando are the most famous attractions in the city that also offer shopping malls. International resorts, golf courses and some of the best restaurants in Florida.

Your trip to Miami and the beaches of South Florida will only be complete with this beautiful trip to the keys and especially Key West in our luxurious transportation with a tour guide. Enjoy the unique view of the highway built in the middle of the ocean from Miami to Key West, the farthest southern point on the American continent. This highway created in 1950 has been renovated into an intercostal route between the cities of Miami and Key West, offering the traveler an exotic tropical savannah. You will be captivated by the food and rich history of Key West.

Bimini Island, a popular American destination, is found just 50 miles from Miami, Florida. There, fisherman from казино пин ап all over the world meet to fish for sport.
Bimini is composed of 3 Islands, the North, South and East islands, which are rich in

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history and natural resources.
It is believed that the community of islands belongs to the road system of the lost city of Atlantis.
The majority of its residents live in Bailey Town, on North Bimini Island, where there

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is the largest concentration of important hotels and restaurants.

Miami has its own fashion district, where style and design is offered in a great variety of shopping areas.
Enjoy this daylong tour of the most important shopping malls in Miami.
Based on your personal taste, we can modify the tour, for yourself or

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your group to transform

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the trip into a true adventure.
We also provide transportation and storage of your purchases (Visit transportation link).
See the Design District, Shops at Bal Harbour, Bayfront Park, Lincoln Road, and the Sawgrass

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Another service you can take advantage of is the shipping of your purchases back home to save time and not worry about the extra weight in your luggage. (Minimum orders apply)

Enjoy a day of shopping at the Dolphin Mall, the mall with the best prices in Miami-Dade County. This mall combines the concept of themed entertainment and dinners and the unique offer of 240 sales outlets.
We will pick you up early in the morning from your hotel with our convenient transportation so you can start right away to explore all of the stores in the immense mall.
If you are looking for modern sunglasses for the beach, eccentric attire for the club, or a simple gift for your family and friends, you will find it here.
Recharge with a delicious meal or coffee in the food court located in the mall.
Shop the latest fashion in stores such as Armani Exchange and Banana Republic or take advantage of BOGO (buy one get one/two for one) offers at the shoe stores.
Enjoy a piece of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory before you find yourself back in our transport headed to your hotel with your shopping bags full of treasures.

Wynwood is Miami’s art district, where you can find hundreds of art galleries, surrounded by bars, beer breweries and restaurants with a casual air that is modern at the same time.
Every year, during Art Basel, artists from all over the world come together to redesign the look of the neighborhoods, giving its wall and streets new colors and designs, making it a world renowned artistic attraction.

Enjoy Miami and its magnitude from the ocean.
We are trained to afford to you an unforgettable maritime experience. We have the finest and variable selection of boats to rent as well as a professional crew, friendly and ready to make your memory unique.
Give your bachelor or bachelorette party, anniversary or family adventure, the direction you want, according

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If you’re essay writing service currently on the lookout for a enjoyable the place would be to visit the Pacific Northwest. You will find several locations from the state which can be known for their wonderful what todo to all ages. Many people today aren’t acquainted with fine dining establishments, museums, and historical websites which can be discovered within the bounds of their Puget Sound area. It is essential that travelers immerse themselves in history and the culture of the spot and return here. One of the best ways to do this would be to visit with the Washington Culinary Arts Museum.

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to your possibilities and without losing the quality that separates us from the rest, with our various offers.

Como característica adicional a tu charter privado ofrecemos también paquetes con todo incluido lo que no solo superara las expectativas de tu experiencia sino tambien todas tus necesidades. El Paquete All Inclusive te proporciona: • Jet sky • Water sky boarding • Paddle Boarding • Wave boarding • Jet Pack (clases personales y alquiler de equipo) • Scooba diving As an additional aspect of your private charter, we offer packets including everything that

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not only surpasses your expectations but includes all that you need.
The All Inclusive packet comes with: • Catering • Bartender a bordo • Mixologist (especialista en la composición de tragos y la creación de nuevos sabores) • Cheff (opcional: Sushi, pasta, carne asada creado en el momento) • DJ. • Video Clip personal (cámaras acuáticas, drones, etc).


Viscaya Museum:
Situated in the northern part of Coconut Grove, the museum and the Viscaya gardens make up more than just a museum. They are the fantasy of man, made into reality.
The three story palace is made up of 34 decorated rooms with hundreds of relics from the 15 th to 19 th Century,

Pérez Art Museum of Miami:

Also known as PAMM, this museum has a vast collection of work starting from 1996 and contemporary works of art from America, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Miami Children’s Museum

Located on Watson Island off of the McArthur Cause, the museum opened in 1983, and holds hundreds of works in various languages, interactive programs, and exhibitions for children of all ages.

Museum of Science

This modern museum houses a planetarium, observatory, oceanographic laboratory,and a Bird of Prey Center.


Star Island:
is an artificial island located in the Biscayne Bay, exclusive to the eccentric celebrity homes. Tour the neighborhood from the water by boat where you can also observe the majestic Downtown Miami.
Jungle Island

Founded in 1936, and also known as Parrot Island, a numerous amount of tropical birds and wildlife live in this interactive zoo that sits on Watson Island.

South Beach

Famous for its white beaches, exuberant bodies, captivating clubs, and a sexy Latin touch, South Beach is definitely where you can find Miami nightlife.

Venetian Pool

In the city of Coral Gables you’ll find the exotic historic pool of sweet water. Created in 1924, this pool is open to the public with hours depending on the season.



If you think of Miami as a destination to celebrate, you thought right! Miami is known worldwide for its sleepless nightlife. Clubs, lounges, rooftop events, pubs, and hotel pool parties are some of the attractions you can find all over the city, any time, day or night.
There is something for everyone, whether wild or laidback, sophisticated or simple.
Starting with South Beach as

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the wildest most entertaining spot followed by Wynwood and the Design District, you can easily find live music, pubs and traditional Latin parties in combination with their characteristic artistic ambience.
Brickell and the Downtown areas are also two great touristic points, known as home of the American Airlines Arena, headquarters of the famous Miami Heat.
Their outstanding modern architecture, lighting and open spaces are adjacent to numerous canals, ports, and coastal activities which make up a modern Venice known for its Happy Hours, Pregame Parties, and Restaurants.
Last but not least, we can’t forget the neighborhood of Coconut Grove, one of the best places to start the evening with a glass of wine, appetizers, and good music.
The friendly streets are filled with stylish stores surrounded by lush vegetation.


También cuentas con Brickell y Downtown dos grandes puntos turísticos conocidos por albergar la sede de los famosos “Miami Heats” (el American Airlines Arena),.

Sobresalientes por su combinación de moderna infraestructura edilicia, iluminación y espacios abiertos (Bay side), adyacentes a un sin numero de canales, puertos y la actividad marítima hacen de estos lugares una moderna Venecia conocida por sus Happy

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Hours, “Pre-Parties”, y Restaurantes .

Por ultimo no debemos olvidar el barrio de “Coconut Groove” uno de los mejores lugares donde empezar la noche tomando copas, aperitivos y una buena música

Rodeado de calles cálidas, tiendas estilizadas ubicadas en una zona de exuberante vegetación .


Make a reservation for a special event of a romantic, peaceful dinner with good food.

Quick and Simple:

  • Manolo`s (7300 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL)
  • Señor Froggs (1450 Collins Ave Miami Beach FL)
  • Green Pic Café (1321 Washington Ave, Miami Beach FL )
  • Juice & Java (1346 Washington Ave, Miami Beach FL)


  • Maya (809 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach FL)
  • Prima Pasta (414 71 st, Miami Beach FL)
  • Manolo`s (7300 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL)
  • Jalapeño

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    (530 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach FL)


  • Baoli (1906 Collins Ave, Miami Beach FL)
  • Café Des Arts Miami (22 Washington Ave, Miami Beach FL)
  • SeaSpice (422 NW North River Drive, Miami FL)
  • The Deck Island Gardens (888 Mc Arthur Causeway, Miami FL)
  • Komodo (801 Brickell Ave, Miami FL)

Enjoy the nightlife in South Florida with MiamiUp2Party.



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